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The First Quarter Century

A Taste of Rome
Revised: 01.11.2021

Sincerely, thanks for taking the necessary time to learn more about Soul Free SOCIETY. Today, we are the best source for big data on macro-economic information because we are the primary business surrounding the US Fed decision to extend monetary easing policies which elevated the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and beyond. Notably, the 2007 US sub-prime mortgage scandal which dismantles the September 11, 2001 attacks has propelled the US Debt/GDP ratio well-beyond the 100 percent ceiling which, in fact, no longer exists. Likewise, the 2012 US military pivot to Asia embodies a cost of the armistice with North Korea as the AUKUSA network tailgates Western resistance to communism. Effectively, a nuclear arms race has remained in force while the truth to the 2008 housing crisis unfolds on the demilitarization zone (DMZ) in the Far East!

Simply, this is a summary of how Soul Free SOCIETY organized from six consecutive years of Army field duty on the Korean Peninsula which establishes our humble beginning. Markedly, March 23, 2002 is the day that I officially became the key person against today’s US global ambitions which include political and economic containment from military installations in Asia. Assuredly, it is that day when I arrived in South Korea as a US Army soldier assigned to work with the 94th military police battalion at the 8th Army Confinement Facility. Accordingly, it was the year that I started working up-front in the Pacific Fleet of Russia's navy as details surrounding US crimes against humanity ballooned from the 8th military police brigade which is linked to the United Nations Command. Steadily, during the years of field duty secret information about Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s political imprisonment among other political scandals became apparent.

Appropriately, Soul Free SOCIETY is considered as today’s gatekeeper of the US War on Terror as the threat from an Islamic State originated within the United Nations Command. Strategically, we guarantee that the US will only fail while working with so-called terrorist organizations or NATO-backed militia such as the ISIL-Daesh network to undermine communism. Meanwhile, the US government hopes to lean with same-sex marriage laws based on expansion and influence in connection with political reform over the threat of violence and chaos from militia-led terror networks.

Militarily, the US government can no longer disguise weakness by providing economic and military assistance to rebel militia. Furthermore, the war on drugs from the West reveals the limited ability in the US to uphold the rule of law as the fantasies of openly homosexual citizens depend on the spread of same-sex marriage laws to increase diplomatic relations!

Particularly, gay US citizens believe in the ability to achieve international prestige with the government’s ambitions of constitutional changes from the domino effect of same-sex marriage laws from a boost in gay tourism. Deliberately, the belief in gay tourism remains the epicenter of the US Fed decision to perpetuate an asset purchasing program to pillow the impact of growing military tensions over the pivot to Asia. Feverishly, the US military has intensified tensions from Asia over the role of military police for the DMZ which weighs on the United Nations Command. Additionally, my relocation to San Francisco, CA from the six consecutive years of field duty on the DMZ and subsequent launch of Soul Free SOCIETY places significant attention on both gay tourism and the Fed's asset purchasing program. Frankly, a major portion of gay US citizens in support of San Francisco gay pride, same-sex marriage laws and the US pivot to Asia are crossed from my personal experience in Asia with Russia's Pacific fleet. Let’s take a close look together.

Since 2008, the US has wandered to several nations for same-sex marriage laws which have been shadowed from an artificial demand for US treasury bonds to offset military tensions in the Far East. Specifically, US bond holders follow the political agenda of the West to demonstrate reciprocity while ensuring protectionism and longevity for same-sex marriages in the face of global opposition. Moreover, US T-bills (short-term bonds) prolong the Fed's asset purchasing program to target investor sentiment while fueling negative attention toward individuals and organizations that outperform the limits of monetary easing policy. Similarly, the launch of Soul Free SOCIETY unveil the nature of US economic sanctions against Russia, China and other nations in pursuit of economic prosperity. Internationally, the Fed's asset purchasing program is treated as economic terrorism in the wake of widespread crimes against humanity which are disguised within the US hospitality industry due to the war on terror. Precisely, US bond holders are exposed to unprecedented amounts of risk associated from the belief that Soul Free SOCIETY is founded in the hospitality industry based on my display of field leadership on the DMZ. Openly, in 2007 while preparing to relocate to San Francisco, CA I received 1st place recognition in the annual US Army Philip Connelly food service competition. Nationally, the US Army Philip Connelly program is a food service competition that is co-sponsored by the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA) which award participants competing in garrison dining and field kitchens.

Traditionally, the Connelly program has been utilized in the US Army to support the Monroe Doctrine which draws an infinitive and pyschological barrier between nations in the Western and Eastern hemisphere. Impartially, the Connelly program is named in honor of Philip A. Connelly who served as a past president of the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA). Distinctly, Philip Connelly is regarded as the driving force behind obtaining sponsorship from the IFSEA for the Department of the Army’s national recognition of excellence in the food service industry. Alluringly, during the competition, US Army staff and IFSEA evaluators travel around the world for three months to obtain knowledge while judging the Army food service program. Afterwards, the finalists are judged based on the following of areas: food preparation, taste, nutrition, service and sanitation. Simply, in 2008, I led the 8th US Army to win 1st place in the combat field environment portion of the Connelly competition with the 94th military police battalion near the DMZ.

The Bengal Express

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Meanwhile, this achievement placed me with Russia's Pacific fleet under the spotlight from the South Korean Defense Ministry, Chong Wa Dae and former North Korean leader Kim Jung Il over the need for unification on the Far East peninsula. Since 2008, the Far East peninsula has been forced to repudiate every single effort the US has attempted to establish permanent military installations in Asia while the United Nations Command restructure into the AUKUSA network. Hastily, the US Army has perpetuated the Connely competition to achieve confidence in the Monroe Doctrine while ensuing permanent overseas military bases. Generously, the US bond market has elevated gay tourism from the food service and hospitality industry which in fact is the primary issue with unification for both Korea and Taiwan. Politically, nuclear parity has become the dividing issue over unification as US military ambitions are challenged over the bond-pivot scandal. Dismally, US failure to accomplish nuclear parity from the DMZ is overlooked as loyalty for the 14th Dalai Lama hitches organized crime to the Chinese Triad network in SE Asia. Affectingly, this situation delivers Soul Free SOCIETY as the best service-based organization from the Far East while my US Army desertion in 2009 neutralizes the United Nations Command. Appropriately, Soul Free SOCIETY accelerates with human rights advocacy in San Francisco, CA as the Russian Pacific fleet remains in full-ready combat with expectations of unification in Asia and beyond.

Needless to say, since I deserted the US Army in 2009, Russia's Pacific fleet has prepared a balanced approach to climate control which includes elimination of the United Nations Command. Firstly, the US has failed to produce any solid plans to end the North Korean armistice. Secondly, a new war on drugs is trailing behind the US military pivot to Asia. Thirdly, the US has prolonged the growing FOREX debt crisis to gain momentum over the opium pandemic blooming in the West. Lastly, nuclear parity on the Far East peninsula integrates a military approach to climate control.

Indeed, North Korea has maintained endless pressure on South Korea for a unification plan to end the armistice and disrupt US military objectives. Likewise, a viable unification plan includes development for new government ownership in key industries to avoid the pit fall lingering from the systematic US debt crisis.

Socially, homosexuality in the US is a dominating issue over the entire US military build-up in Asia and Europe as the FOREX debt bubble inflates into diplomatic chaos. Inevitably, a new Cold War awaits as the US trade war with China is related to economic sanctions against Russia and gay tourism in the West stagnates macro-economic development for emerging economies of scale. Progressively, Russia is expanding the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union to extend economic services with Soul Free SOCIETY as military tensions between the East and West balloon over climate security.

Diligently, our mission at Soul Free SOCIETY is to ensure climate security while integrating socio- and macro-economic information services with the inevitable collapse of the United States service-based economy.

Passively, the US has dominated Europe with homosexuality from the war on terror to unleash crimes against humanity. Therefore, Soul Free SOCIETY works to modernize and apply new information and communication technology to overshadow the decades of fraud, waste and abuse that has accumulated in the West among other regions of the globe. Judiciously, our society may forever treasure social ownership of the means of production through cooperative management of the global economy. Furthermore, the Far East Exchange provides all the necessary resources to ensure economic prosperity while adding an extraordinary boost to the global economy.

Thus, Soul Free HISTEAMS subsidiaries venture in launching the best public services for the Health, Investments, Social Development, Travel, Energy, Advocacy, Media and Self-Ownership market sectors. Globally, our goal at Soul Free SOCIETY is to extend the Eurasian Economic Union and the New Silk Road Economic Belt from the Far East with the Greater West while ensuring climate security for every member nation of SOCIETY. Amply, economic prosperity is achievable while preventing future economic schemes and pandemics which reflect crimes against humanity and/or mass terrorism.