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Tensions with NATO Spark in Turkey


05:23 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Rapidly, NATO is shifting US troops toward Eastern Europe to respond against perceived threats world-wide as tensions in Turkey heat up. Militarily, the EU is sparring over Brexit which thwarts dwindling use-of-force policies aimed to support the European Order. Moreover, a new military stand-off is looming in the EU as NATO pushes against Turkey's sovereignty over oil exploration near Cyprus. Admittedly, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell mentioned that oil exploration for Turkey, "regrettably fuels further tensions and insecurity in the Eastern Mediterranean."

Politically, the EU continues to follow with NATO security plans while awaiting Brexit which undermines economic growth for individual member states. Therefore, Representative Borrell stated that Turkey's national endeavor, "runs counter and undermines efforts to resume dialog and negotiations, and to pursue immediate de-escalation."

Meanwhile, the US has finalized an agreement to redeploy 12,000 troops from Germany to several parts of Eastern Europe including the headquarters of US Army V Corps to Poland. Rapturously, US President Donald Trump stated, "The agreement will enhance our military cooperation and increase the United States' military presence in Poland to further strengthen NATO deterrence, bolster European security, and help ensure democracy, freedom, and sovereignty." Additionally, tensions in the Mediterranean Sea between NATO forces and Turkey is reaching a boiling point as warships from Greece threaten Turkey's sovereignty. Intuitively, Turkey has started military drills in the Mediterranean Sea to offset the void left in Europe from the redeployment of US troops to Poland.

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Turkey Aims for a New Tech Hub


21:45 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Importantly, Turkey has raised the red flag against NATO aggression in the Mediterranean Sea to expand economic integration on the Caspian Sea. Militarily, Turkey has deployed F-16 fighter jets to secure positions for drills on the Aegean Sea. Effectively, the dispute between NATO and Turkey initiates a major opportunity in Istanbul to become a hotbed for technology with military research in oil exploration. Likewise, Turkey's relation with the EU is diminishing over oil exploration which signals its strength with developing a tech hub in Istanbul to support its response to NATO aggression.


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Sudan Bullied for Watchdog to Arabia


23:35 PST

SF Bay Area, CA – Notably, the US has been ratcheting relations between Sudan and Israel to solidify its presence in the Middle East. Recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo finished a visit in Sudan to bolster the US-brokered Israel-UAE agreement. Additionally, Sudan requested to removed from the US state sponsors of terrorism list which bans the nation from receiving financing from major international lenders. Aggressively, the US has sought to patch relations with Sudan since the 2019 mass protest that led to the overthrow of leader Omar al-Bashir.

Persistently, Sudanese government spokesman Faisal Saleh mentioned that Sudan's transitional government is unable to bridge ties with Israel. Openly, he stated, "The Prime Minister called on the U.S. administration to separate the process of removing Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism and the issue of normalization with Israel."