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The Century Pass

The 21st Century

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The Century Pass

Virtually, centuries of climatic discord has severed inter-government relations on several fronts such as: political, economic and social disorder which evolves from westernization of the "New Free World". Successively, climate security has intensified over global warming issues which improve inter-government cooperation while natural resources, the environment and wildlife are safeguarded. Woefully, decades of conventional war over the Middle East and parts of Africa have ignited plunder in the Western New World along with its resources as same-sex legislation coerces the general public. Primarily, this indicates a major need for a new multi-world order for global governance to meet the socio-economic and human development needs of SOCIETY. Generously, the RIM of Nations cosmoscracy offers this global digital platform! Immensely, the United Nations is under siege as US trade embargoes stipulate a platform for same-sex marriage legislation from the UN Command post. Effectively, the following reflect our leadership standards with relation to climate security and human development:

Global Governance Objectives (thru 2030)

Integrate the ATG Network and TEN into the African Union (*see Environment Protection)
Invigorate the Indo-European Corridor
Establish the LATPACT Naval College
Improve inter-government communication channels
Oversee Information and Urban warfare world-wide
Develop Centennial Development Planning Guide
Offer a multi-facet network of international cooperation for regional development
Create greater standards to preserve our environment

Strategically, good global governance demand our ceaseless efforts to ensure quality of life for all. Prudently, we are developing a centennial development planning guide for urban and rural planners as the race against mass uprisings intensify. Meanwhile, stronger inter-government communication channels continue to accelerate the rapid development of agreements on special status regions. Moreover, good global governance includes greater environmental protection standards which preserve our land of opportunity. Intensely, the RIM of Nations is expanding with our mid-term objectives to establish the centennial development planning guide. Economically, the updated guide naturally prepares for the expansion of state-owned enterprises, rise in per capita income and patriotism.

Furthermore, the centennial planning guide establishes a global network for human development which invigorates the African Union from the Indo-European Corridor. Precisely, the history of the Ottoman Empire continues to socially, politically and militarily impact Greater Mesopotamia. Geopolitically, the federal world for the RIM of Nations is structured with the Eurasian Economic Union, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS Pact from the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Globally, we create the foundations for good governance and modern standards of living which accelerate human development and environmental protection.

International Security

The RIM of Nations is an unruffled global cosmocracy with the following alliances:

Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
Eurasian Economic Union
Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Eastern Alliance

Attractively, this is the eternal network in which SOCIETY is able to pursue all objectives. Resolutely, military development and security for SOCIETY infrastructure ensures that adequate resources are available to establish centennial development plans. Accordingly, the CSTO is fully integrated with nuclear, space and biological research which strengthens the nuclear triad between Russia, China and India. Patently, the sea-level space technique continues to expand the platform of the Rokot 3-D outer space field for satellite constellations and deep space navigation. Substantially, the security infrastructure for RIM nations exceed the limitations of the United Nations Command (based in Australia) as the UN Security Council is strained with rapid responses to emergency situations. Likewise, military integration for RIM nations stabilizes recovery in the Middle East as pacing intra-Afghanistan peace invigorates the Indian Pass and the Near East.

Collectively, the alliances forming RIM nations attribute to the economic prosperity of the global cosmocracy which include advanced military research and development. Significantly, international security is alternating from Western control with deeper cooperation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the CSTO. Additionally, a nuclear triad has formed for the Eurasian Economic Union which impedes NATO expansion into eastern Europe. Expansively, the development of security infrastructure unifies the cosmocracy as RIM nations expand research and development with the Eastern Alliance. Fiscally, RIM nations establish policies with a multi-facet network of international cooperation for regional development to improve overseas trade. Globally, RIM nations exemplify development in the Near East as a signature of environmental policies to extend life on Earth.

Climate Security

Objectively, all military research must consider climate control for both on and off the field studies. Appropriately, climate control remains our primary concern as we oversee international military situations at the RIM of Nations. Prolifically, this allows us to establish regulations which preserve our environment! Uniquely, the development of the following very dynamic biodiversity hotspots continue in Central and East Asia:

Amur-Tumen-Gobi Network (ATG)

Tigris-Euphrates Network (TEN)

Death Valley Network (DVN)

Notably, these critical development initiatives are vital in the future welfare and security of our planet. Acceptingly, we look forward to leading every aspect of improving the quality of life around the globe. Skillfully, our internal structure continues to establish a centennial development planning guide to expand good governance policies. Willfully, the RIM of Nations is assembled into various ministries which execute an array of objectives.


The RIM of Nations has seven principal Ministries which are as follows:

The World Congress (the main deliberative assembly)
The Ministry of Collective Security (decides certain resolutions for peace and security)
The Ministry of Economic Development (promotes international economic and social co-operation and development)
The Ministry of International Affairs (provides studies, information, and facilities needed by the RIM of Nations)
The Ministry of International Justice (the primary judicial body)
The Ministry of Environmental Change (promotes climate control and deep space research)
The RIM of Nations Trustee Board (oversees operations of the RIM of Nations)

Primarily, the centennial development planning guide outlines the impact of human migration, social integration and globalization in major geopolitical regions. Particularly, the assembly of our seven principal ministries create an unprecedented approach to safeguard our natural resources from the impact. Naturally, mass migrations from war torn regions of Africa and the Middle East remain a major issue in Europe which faces a major geopolitical crossroad. Socially, economic terrorism cripples globalization as random acts of terror challenge urban development in several parts of the world. Meticulously, our ministries assemble to demonstrate its leadership in good governance.

Firstly, the RIM of Nations Trustee Board ensures that modern standards for good governance are developed. Prudently, the centennial development planning guide creates a dynamic opportunity to reduce the impact of human migration which effect globalization strategies. Militarily, the Trustee Board continues to establish cooperation within the newly formed nuclear triad between Russia, China and India which is expanding the Eastern Alliance. Similarly, the Trustee Board directs the establishment of the LATPACT Naval College which delivers an unprecedented learning environment for select individuals. Ethnically, the Trustee Board ensures that cultural diversity remains vibrant from the political process of good governance. Additionally, the Trustee Board creates innovative IT Projects to generate progressive economic activity.

Secondly, the World Congress of the RIM of Nations has established a Council Assembly which serves as the Board of Advisors for the Trustee Board. Realistically, the World Congress has created a committee for International Security which includes a role in deep space navigation. Unpretentiously, the World Congress continues to develop its Board on Women and Child Development and its Advisory Board on Climate Control. Amicably, the World Congress includes an Executive Board of Legislatures who are empowered to establish international laws on social norms.

Finally, each Ministry within the RIM of Nations work autonomously to meet objectives presented to the World Congress. Engagingly, each Ministry works in various committees such as: the committee established to respond to natural disasters, the committee established to develop agricultural diversity and the committee established to monitor social development which deliver supreme services capable of transforming into international law. Structurally, the RIM of Nations continues to have a major geopolitical impact from socio-economic development. Creatively, Delhi Town is becoming a well-known network studio with international broadcasting. Indeed, the RIM of Nations is fit for action as growing demand for good governance in the 21st Century accelerate.

Independently, the ministries which serve RIM nations empower members to expand centennial development to acclomplish climate security. Respectively, development of centennial plans enhance free-trade agreements, reduces economic uncertainty while improving environmental protection policies. Intentionally, RIM nations are military integrated to impact outer space research with the Deep Space Network. Simultaneously, the Military Alliance Program imparts digital transformation for society while integrating climate security protocols. Affluently, the World Congress establish policies to increase political stability for RIM nations while invigorating centennial development. Progressively, RIM nations interact on the World Intergovernment Fiscal Exchange which is accessible on the regional development networks (RDNs).