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"Meet the War Criminals" depicts tramatic drama behind US crimes against humanity.

Meet the War Criminals

Forum Objectives

Describe the history of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the US
Identify the impact of "systematic debt" generated in countries who adopted same-sex union laws
Explain the role in the US Global War on Terror with crimes against humanity
Distinguish war criminals in threats to the global economy with SOCIETY

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1 War crimes include deception by perfidy, legal ID distinctions and sexual violence
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 Part II: “The Big Geographic Picture” 

Accepted: 24 January 2013

San Francisco, CA USA

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Meet the War Criminals - Part II

The Big Geographic Picture

We will now discuss in detail the systematic debt that coincides with US led crimes against humanity. First, let's review what we have covered so far in our Meet the War Criminals series. We established that homosexuality in the US (referred to as Gay Pride) has developed into widespread crimes against humanity that's in pursuit of legalizing same-sex marriages world-wide.

In Part II of Meet the War Criminals... "I'm Wool" we took a close look at the geographic pattern of nations with same-sex marriage laws and nations where it's currently being debated. We discussed that trans-gender and homosexuality is the root cause of same-sex marriage because of the aim that lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trans-gender (LGBT) individuals have taken to become recognized as trans-gender people with their own right.

We also realized, in Part II, that studies have found an increase in psychiatric disorders, including a more than doubling of anxiety disorders, among the LGBT population living in states that instituted bans on same-sex marriages in the US.

This issue of same-sex marriage within a clear geographic pattern (N. America, S. America, S. Africa, and parts of Europe) is the main reason that Globalization, Delhi Residence Only Climate Change Delhi Residence Only , and Bio-Age Delhi Residence Only progress has been stalled since 2008.

Not only has the US stalled on these major economic advancement opportunities in America, they have created a global financial stall using the FOREX Delhi Residence Only markets with debt from government bonds mainly in the EU and Japan!

They have also interfered with the political progress in various nations, including Syria Delhi Residence Only , Palestinian Authority Delhi Residence Only , and Iran Delhi Residence Only . These nations demonstrate 'advanced readiness' for Bio-Age economic changes and have Sharia (moral) Laws in place.

{Note: These are just a few more reasons why we must take a closer look at the events surrounding Yulia Tymoshenko's political imprisonment. It helps us in our overall discussion of using modernized bio-surveillance techniques to protect or environment from criminals and thieves!}

It is now time we face the systematic debt the US has built behind the scenes of the FOREX markets, for years now, while leading crimes against humanity through terrorism. This systematic debt is the root cause and/or the source of the Global Financial Crisis. We will examine closely the following:

  • The correlation between psychiatric disorders and behavioral finance stemming from sexual violence
  • The impact that substance abuse and the US War On Drugs has on the Global Financial Crisis
  • The most recent Currency War... "In Detail"
  • Total Terrain: A close-up look at the geographic "Big Picture"

Today we face the challenge of dealing with abnormal financial debt of foreign governments in our world stemming from the FOREX markets. Note: It is easy to say now, that without agricultural revenues from commodities Delhi Residence Only the US can expect to take an incredible amount of loss from the tourism industry Delhi Residence Only !

Since the Cold War we have witnessed the battle between capitalism Delhi Residence Only and communism Delhi Residence Only . No other place in the world can this battle be seen than on the Korean Peninsula! We learn from this battle how much tourism weighs in on trade and revenues. Today, capitalist actually now are revealing how much weight Soul Free Group carries ever since the US Armed Forces began rumors that I would start an organization driving the tourism industry by creating an International Hotel in Korea! This rumor was actually started on the Korean DMZ Delhi Residence Only . In 2008, winning the Philip A. Connelly “Best in the Army” Field Competition now helps bring some light into the aim of US led crimes against humanity in which we’ll discuss in more details later!

So without argue, it's clearly visible (especially in the Obama Administration) that US capitalism is now currently dysfunctional or better yet all around lame. This US dysfunction all arises from its role in widespread crimes against humanity. If one feels this point is arguable... continue reading.

At the moment, the US is shaking off several threats of defaulting on their debt within the last 12 months.

This means we are actually watching the US flirt with a double dip recession Delhi Residence Only due to their economic and political stalls.

When the US enters this double dip recession it is because of failure with individuals who are attempting to apply an abnormal trend development (same-sex marriage) into normal developing cultures by manipulating the FOREX markets through their foreign alliances.

This coins the title in this series of forums, "Meet the War Criminals". Now we begin with Part III... "Terrain - The Geographic Big Picture".


Section I

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The 2008 Global Financial Crisis is yet another massive social disorder found on the larger map of US led crimes against humanity. In order to understand the extent of the current financial crisis in the US and Europe, we must examine the amount of psychiatric disorders and the behavioral financial situation of these nations with this systemic debt from the FOREX market. Once again, these nations fall in the US led crimes against humanity geographic footprint.

A mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological pattern, potentially reflected in behavior, that is generally associated with distress Delhi Residence Only or disability, and which is not considered part of normal development of a person's culture.

Mental disorders are generally defined by a combination of how a person feels, acts, thinks or perceives. This may be associated with particular regions or functions of the brain or rest of the nervous system, often in a social context.

It is important to realize that fear of social stigma Delhi Residence Only and intolerance can add to the suffering and disability associated with mental disorders.

Today, the Ukraine Delhi Residence Only is applying this stigma to recently overthrown President Viktor Yanukovych for his role in the mass murders of Ukrainian citizens! These events are results of US attempts to continue its destructive trail of crimes against humanity (i.e. - global political representation, global same-sex marriage ballots, and global Healthcare).

This social stigma has a direct impact on the tourism industry as a whole!

Furthermore, a close-up look at the many different categories of mental disorders will reveal where LGBT individuals (rather Americans at large) are full steam ahead with challenging social stigma world-wide... through terrorism!

Note: In this case, terrorism is the result of the many different facets of human behavior Delhi Residence Only and personality Delhi Residence Only that has become disordered from US crimes against humanity.

We must take a moment to review the depth of these psychiatric disorders. Anxiety or fear that interferes with normal functioning may be classified as an anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder Delhi Residence Only , panic disorder Delhi Residence Only , agoraphobia Delhi Residence Only , obsessive-compulsive disorder Delhi Residence Only (i.e. – overeating at McDonald’s while overspending at the shopping mall) and post-traumatic stress disorder Delhi Residence Only (i.e. – DNA cancer treatment)!

Other affective (emotional/mood) processes can also become disordered.

Mood disorder Delhi Residence Only involving unusually intense and sustained sadness, melancholia, or despair is known as major depression Delhi Residence Only (also known as unipolar or clinical depression).

Milder but still prolonged depression can be diagnosed as dysthymia Delhi Residence Only . Bipolar disorder Delhi Residence Only (also known as manic depression) involves abnormally "high" or pressured mood states, known as mania Delhi Residence Only or hypomania, alternating with normal or depressed mood.

Patterns of belief Delhi Residence Only , language use and perception of reality can become disordered (i.e. delusions Delhi Residence Only , thought disorder Delhi Residence Only , hallucinations Delhi Residence Only ).

Personalities - the fundamental characteristics of a person that influence thoughts and behaviors across situations and time - may be considered disordered if judged to be abnormally rigid and maladaptive.

A number of different personality disorders are listed, including those sometimes classed as "eccentric", such as paranoid Delhi Residence Only , schizoid Delhi Residence Only and schizophrenia personality disorder Delhi Residence Only ; types that have described as "dramatic" or "emotional", such as anti-social Delhi Residence Only , borderline Delhi Residence Only , histrionic Delhi Residence Only or narcissistic personality disorder Delhi Residence Only ; and those sometimes classed as fear-related, such as anxious-avoidant Delhi Residence Only , dependent Delhi Residence Only , or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder Delhi Residence Only . These personality disorders in general often emerge during childhood, or at least by adolescence or early adulthood.

Various kinds of paraphilia are considered mental disorders (sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are considered abnormal or harmful to the person or others).

People who are abnormally unable to resist certain urges or impulses that could be harmful to themselves or others, may be classed as having an impulse control disorder Delhi Residence Only , including various kinds of tic disorder Delhi Residence Only such as Tourette's syndrome, and disorders such as kleptomania Delhi Residence Only (stealing) or pyromania Delhi Residence Only (fire-setting).

Various behavioral addictions, such as gambling Delhi Residence Only addiction, may be classed as a disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder can sometimes involve an inability to resist certain acts but is classed separately as being primarily an anxiety disorder.

People who suffer severe disturbances of their self-identity, memory and general awareness of themselves and their surroundings may be classed as having a dissociative identity disorder Delhi Residence Only , such as depersonalization disorder or dissociative identity disorder itself (which has also been called multiple personality disorder Delhi Residence Only (we used to say “too much TV”), or "split personality"). Other memory or cognitive disorders include amnesia Delhi Residence Only or various kinds of old-age dementia Delhi Residence Only .

The disabilities associated with these commonly occurring mental disorders are alarming!

People have mostly reported equal or greater disability from mental conditions than from physical conditions in cases of sexual violence, which now ties terrorism into same-sex laws. These disabilities may or may not involve such things as:

  • Basic activities of daily living. Including looking after the self (health care, grooming, dressing, shopping, cooking etc.) or looking after accommodation (chores, DIY tasks etc.)
  • Interpersonal relationships. Including communication skills, ability to form relationships and sustain them, ability to leave the home or mix in crowds or particular settings
  • Occupational functioning. Ability to acquire a job and hold it, cognitive and social skills required for the job, dealing with workplace culture, or studying as a student.

These mental disorders and the associating disabilities we just covered take roots from various forms of sexual violence which is now compounded by US systematic crimes against humanity. This leads us right into the discussion of the behavioral financial aspects of the current record level of US and European Union debt.

We must look into this because behavioral economics and the related field, behavioral finance, study the effects of social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions and the consequences for market prices Delhi Residence Only , returns Delhi Residence Only , and the resource allocation Delhi Residence Only . There are three themes which are prevalent in behavioral finances:

  • Heuristics Delhi Residence Only : People often make decisions based on approximate rules of thumb and not strict logic.
  • Framing Delhi Residence Only : The collection of anecdotes and stereotypes that make up the mental emotional filters individuals rely on to understand and respond to events. (example: the US and NATO framing their vision of the global economy behind same-sex laws)
  • Market Inefficiencies Delhi Residence Only : These include mis-pricings and non-rational decision making.

This forum will cover how Gay Pride and LGBT communities world-wide have framed their minds around same-sex laws which has created these current market inefficiencies. These global market inefficiencies explains how same-sex laws originate from the mental and social disorders of sexual violence.

The central issue in behavioral finance is explaining why market participants make systematic errors. Such errors affect prices and returns, creating market inefficiencies. It also investigates how other participants arbitrage Delhi Residence Only such market inefficiencies. In this case, we are dealing with how US led crimes against humanity have also led to international economic sanctioning.

Behavioral finance reveal the underlining factors behind major market inefficiencies such as under- or over-reactions to information as the cause of market trends (and in extreme cases of bubbles and crashes).

Such reactions have been attributed to limited investor attention, over-confidence, over-optimism, mimicry (herding instinct) and noise trading.

A noise trader (also known informally as idiot trader) is described in the literature of financial research as a stock trader whose decisions to buy, sell, or hold are irrational and erratic. We are here to reveal how these irrational and erratic decisions all stem from mental and even the physical disorders of widespread sexual violence and US led crimes against humanity.

The presence of noise traders in the international financial markets (in particularly the FOREX market) can cause prices and risk levels to diverge from expected levels even if all other traders are rational.

In finance, noise obtained a formal definition in a 1986 paper by Fischer Black:

"Noise in the sense of a large number of small events is often a cause factor much more powerful than a small number of large events can be."

This has been proven in San Francisco already when the West Coast Pacific Exchange Delhi Residence Only permanently closed its doors behind wide-spread noise trading taking place among bicyclist passing sensitive market information along the streets.

Today, ironically Soul Free Group maintains its source of being all the noise heard in San Francisco as a result of the effectiveness these online forums have been globally since 2012. Technical analysts Delhi Residence Only consider behavioral finance to be the theoretical basis for technical analysis.

There's a very important area of research in behavioral finance that covers the subject of market inefficiencies. It’s known as conditional expected utility Delhi Residence Only . This is a form of reasoning where the individual has an illusion of control, and calculates the probabilities of external events and hence rationalize their own action, even when they have the slightest ability to affect those external events. These circumstances are the underlining factors behind Cold War 2!

Let’s take a glance at Iranian sanctions led by the US so we can clearly see this area of behavioral finance at work. Recent Iranian sanctions were part of the overall US economic scheme to suppress bio-age technological advancements (such as a desalinized Caspian Sea River System for Desert Reforestation) in the M. East and world-wide. This was to create the illusion of control over the direction of US Treasury Bonds. These sanctions have already failed as Iran has renewed many of its oil commitments with existing trading partners and has maintained its nuclear energy program.

We can now see overall, that sexual violence and US led crimes against humanity has led to all sorts of mental disorders and has had a negative impact on global trade due to non-rational decision making over same-sex laws and debt.


Section II

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We must now add another dimension to the systematic debt the US is building on... and that's the impact that substance abuse and the US War on Drugs Delhi Residence Only has had on the entire Global Financial Crisis.

Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, is a patterned use of substance in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods neither approved, recommended nor supervised by medical professionals.

Substance abuse often includes problems with impulse control and impulsive behavior. The term "drug abuse" does not exclude dependency, but is otherwise used in a similar manner in non-medical contexts.

Some of the drugs most often associated with this term abuse include alcohol Delhi Residence Only , amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines (particularly temazepam, nimetazepam, flunitrazepam among other prescribed drugs Delhi Residence Only ), cocaine Delhi Residence Only , methadone Delhi Residence Only , and opioids Delhi Residence Only .

Drug abuse including alcohol increases health problems, social problems, morbidity, injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, violence, deaths, motor vehicle accidents, homicides, suicides, physical dependence or psychological addiction, and of course, noise trading!

Perhaps, you have heard by now about US troop’s stationed in S. Korea (USFK) living under the One More Beer rumor (you know... the ole' hotel in South Korea). This rumor started when I was on the Korean DMZ discussing the training schedule for 557th Military Police Company with the senior American-post guardsman. We were having a conversation concerning the US response to North Korea's nuclear program in 2005. Let's just say that, "One More Beer... for my ole hotel" is not a fascinating dream.

In fact, this rumor has actually caused the US economy to internally disintegrate because alcoholism is a major factor with gay and alternative living tourism! Rumor goes, US troops in S. Korea have been left drinking more beer as they await to hear from the US mainland about the fate of their tourism industry (Soul Free Group was thought to become a hotel).

Meantime, N. Korea now has the readiness to make advances in Korean Unification even while test-firing missiles knowing this rumor. This actually shows that there is currently noise in the FOREX market about US military options in Asia (actually being exposed by Eric Snowden) and the drug abuse which continues to stifle US military readiness as these rumors are simply odd.

In fact, US drug dependency is the main issue behind the US tourism industry. This turns US drug dependency into an international drug trade that is called the War on Drugs!

Drug abuse affects the central nervous system (CNS), which produce changes in mood, levels of awareness or perceptions and sensations. Most of these abused drugs also alter other parts of the mind and body. Some drugs appear to be more likely to lead to uncontrolled use than others.

In spite of the efforts by the US, drug supply and purity has reached an all-time high, with the vast majority of resources spent on interdiction and law enforcement Delhi Residence Only (distribution) instead of public health.

In the US, the number of non-violent drug offenders in prison exceeds by 100,000 the total incarcerated population in the EU, despite the fact that the EU has 100 million more citizens.

These facts actually reveal the dark truth about how the US has become known as a sponsor of terrorism. Even Saudi Arabia is becoming more outspoken about their ties to the US and its connection with terrorism!

After all, US policymakers are only trying to control the relative costs of receiving drugs also known as drug-related intervention costs similar to the costs to import oil.

In the US, an appropriate drug policy relies on the assessment of drug-related public expenditure Delhi Residence Only (or the impact of the current drug usage on GDP). In one glimpse, we can see US policymakers attempt to cover-up their economic slack with oil production Delhi Residence Only to expand their crimes against humanity with a War on Drugs and terrorism based on the known facts that we have presented in this forum! Let's take an even closer look.

Labeled US drug-related expenditures are defined as the direct planned spending that reflects the voluntary engagement of the US in the field of illicit drugs. Direct public expenditures explicitly labeled as drug-related can be easily traced back by exhaustively reviewing official accountancy documents such as national budgets and year-end reports.

Unlabeled US expenditure refers to unplanned spending and is estimated through modeling techniques, based on top-down budgetary procedure Delhi Residence Only . Starting from overall aggregated expenditures, this procedure estimates the proportion casually attributable to substance abuse.

For example, we can use drug-related expenditures in the prison population to demonstrate overall US drug-related expenditures. Only two elements would be necessary: the overall prison expenditures for a given period, and the attributable proportion of expenditures on inmates due to drug-related issues. The product of the two will give a rough estimate that can be compared across the board. The numbers say it all:

  • $193 billion - estimated cost of drug use to the US society in lost productivity, health care and criminal justice costs in 2007 (great example of US labelled drug-related expenditure)Source: NDIC
  • Every four minutes someone in America is sent to treatment instead of prison through drug courts Source: ONDCP 
  • 1 in 8 is the rate of Americans driving on a weekend night testing positive for an illicit drug Source: NHTSA
  • 10% is the percentage of American 8th graders reporting using an illicit drug in the past month Source: Monitoring the Future
  • $6,120 dollars per second is the estimated cost of drug use to the US society in lost productivity, health care costs (etc.) Source: NDIC

All of these figures reveal why we see excessive US commercial bank reserves that amount to over 1.2 trillion dollars today. US commercial banks normally would keep enough cash reserves to handle day-to-day expenses. The Federal Reserve Delhi Residence Only is apparently worried about loan defaults by commercial banks getting out-of-control because of drug abuse and the ongoing FOREX debt bubble).

We must raise the question concerning America's day-to-day activities if the Feds feel that they should maintain these kinds of cash reserves. Also, we now see that the FOREX debt bubble is the reason why national debts are eating away at GDP!

Furthermore, why did the Federal Reserve pay US commercial banks interest on these excess cash reserves? There's no reason for maintaining these levels after the Fed’s QE 1 Delhi Residence Only , QE 2 Delhi Residence Only , and QE 3 Delhi Residence Only bond purchasing program, Operation Twist Delhi Residence Only ... and the TARP bail-out Delhi Residence Only ? The answer to these questions require a close look at the current War on Drugs within the US.

The War on Drugs is a term commonly applied to a campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid Delhi Residence Only and military intervention undertaken by the US government.

Military aid is aid which is used to assist an ally in its defense efforts, or to assist a poor country in maintaining control over its own territory.

Many countries receive military aid to help with counter-insurgency efforts. This is done in the name of military intervention or peacekeeping.

Immediately, our attention must turn towards the Syrian conflict. The Syrian uprising is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Syrian Ba'ath Party government and those seeking to oust it.

The US is actively involved with supporting a new Islamic State Delhi Residence Only in order to improve current conditions in Afghanistan. In fact, the US has divided Turkey's military into a coup from help with supplying ISIS Delhi Residence Only with heavy weapons. Turkey Delhi Residence Only , once an ally of Syria, condemned President al-Assad over the violent crackdown prior to news of its military coup Delhi Residence Only which has created a military shakedown in Turkey. This will ultimately crush NATO's nuclear strategies in Europe. Let's take a closer look.

In October 2011, Turkey began sheltering the Free Syrian Army Delhi Residence Only , offering the group a safe zone and a base of operation. Together with Saudi Arabia Delhi Residence Only and Qatar Delhi Residence Only , Turkey has also provided the rebels with arms and other military equipment. Following border clashes between Turkey and Syria in late 2012, Turkey requested American Patriot Missile Delhi Residence Only batteries to help defend its borders against Syrian aggression; the missiles were delivered by NATO. In 2012, the US, UK and France provided opposition forces with non-lethal military aid, including communications equipment, riot control Delhi Residence Only , and medical supplies.

The military aid and intervention by the US government, with the assistance of the Turkey coup, was set-up to define and reduce interference with the potential illegal drug trade from Afghanistan. This initiative also includes a set of domestic drug policies that are intended to discourage the production, distribution, and consumption of illegal psychoactive drugs in the US. This basically means US is pursuing control of Afghanistan opium fields (instead of the Taliban rule) for drug trade in America from establishing permanent US bases in the M. East from a new Islamic State.

This is where the US has been found looking for ways to boost GDP in the illegal drug trade - specifically through labelled drug-related expenditures. This dates back to World War II and the heroin trafficking activities of the CIA, US Navy and Sicilian Mafia.

According to Rodney Campbell, an editorial assistant to Nelson Rockefeller, during World War II, the US Navy, concerned that strikes and labor disputes in US eastern shipping ports would disrupt wartime logistics, released the mobster Lucky Luciano Delhi Residence Only from prison, and collaborated with him to help the mafia take control of those ports. Labor union members were terrorized and murdered as a means of preventing labor unrest and ensuring smooth shipping of supplies to Europe.

In order to prevent Communist party members from being elected in Italy following World War II, the CIA worked closely with the Sicilian Mafia, protecting them and assisting in their world-wide heroin smuggling operations in exchange for the Mafia's assistance with assassinating, torturing, and beating leftist political organizers Delhi Residence Only .

We will discuss how the Syrian Conflict, the War in Afghanistan, and the US led Global War on Terror ties into the War on Drugs in Part IV of Meet the War Criminals.

Lastly, let’s take a detailed look into the most recent episode of the US led Currency War thus allowing us to see Terrain: The Geographic Big Picture.


Section III

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The most recent Currency War Delhi Residence Only , has revealed a condition in international affairs in which countries compete against each other to achieve a relatively low exchange rate for their own currency. The FOREX market now serves as the battleground with the US currently holding over 65% of the market’s liabilities. These liabilities become a real problem once the government’s indebtedness exceeds the countries annual GDP!

As the price to buy (value of) a particular currency falls so too does the real price of exports from the country. Imports Delhi Residence Only for that country become more expensive too. Consequently, domestic industry Delhi Residence Only and employment receive a boost in demand which stabilizes the currency against international reserve currencies. Meaning, US sanctions are a major indicator for the FOREX market.

However, the price increase in imports can harm citizens' (of losing currency) purchasing power. Currency wars can also trigger retaliatory action by other countries which in turn can lead to a general decline in international trade, harming all countries.

The most recent US led currency war was a result of the US housing crisis! This housing crisis reflects the day-to-day social patterns that economist use to indicate growth potential. This means that the US housing crisis posed a greater risk to its overall GDP, thus leaving the FOREX market the only vehicle to haul the US economy.

This creates a titanic imminent crash for the US economy. The ability for a nation to float its currency on the FOREX market depends greatly on that nation’s ability to pay the interest generated by its currency floating.

This can be measured by GDP. The US and some EU member states have now began to run a long-time budget deficit that’s only reaching all new highs from its FOREX market liabilities. We only need to look closely at Debt/GDP figures.

The US was worried about keeping pace with international trade after the housing crisis. Today, we witness regular budget deficits that the US and parts of the EU can now only uphold year after year. This is very bad for the global economy.

For one, these regular budget deficits have created a huge economic disguise of the social patterns behind the original housing crisis. These social patterns will only reveal evidence of Americans traveling along its geographic crimes against humanity trail.

Secondly, the FOREX bond bubble (or Currency War) has actually led the US into the devaluation Delhi Residence Only of its currency. Devaluation, with its adverse consequences, has historically rarely been a preferred policy.

According to economist Richard N. Cooper, writing in 1971, a substantial devaluation is one of the most traumatic policies a government can adopt - it almost always results in cries of outrage and calls for the government to be replaced.

Remember Euro Maiden Delhi Residence Only ? How about the street riots in Greece? These events occurred because Europe has chosen to deal with deteriorating social patterns realized from the budget cuts within the devaluation process.

Currency devaluation from FOREX bubbles lead to a reduction in our standard of living Delhi Residence Only because purchasing power is reduced both when we buy imports and when we travel. It also can add to inflationary pressure.

Devaluation also makes the interest payments Delhi Residence Only on government debt more expensive and difficult if those debts are denominated in a foreign currency, and it can discourage foreign investors from the weakening currency.

At least until the 21st century, a strong currency was commonly seen as a mark of prestige while devaluation was associated with weak governments. A devalued US dollar will soon raise the price for imports while making exports cheaper. This sinks the US economy even more which is already wounded by the negative social patterns evident within the housing crisis.

The overall state of the US economy and its foreseen obstinate budget deficit (the FOREX gap), made the US choose to use Quantitative Easing (QE) to disguise its current overall devaluation scheme of the US dollar.

The Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008 Delhi Residence Only gave the Federal Reserve the footing necessary to generate well over a trillion dollars of excess bank reserves, currently held in US commercial banks, from its quantitative easing (QE) program.

This has streamlined the US dollar into worthless territory. Quantitative easing (QE) is the practice where a central bank tries to mitigate a potential or actual recession by increasing the money supply Delhi Residence Only for their home economy.

This can be done by printing money and injecting it into the domestic economy thru FOREX market operations. There may be a promise to destroy any newly created money (or to keep interest rates down) once the economy improves, so as to avoid inflation.

So far, all of this newly created money is sitting in commercial banks as excess cash reserves where they have no chance of taming the budget deficit due to the vast amount of US consumer debt.

In this currency war, the US even used the WTO to fight battles to pressure China’s currency onto the FOREX currency battle lines! The US complained that US steel exports were weakened by China's high duties on US steel products. Subsequently, we see how this only reveals the pain involved in the devaluation process.

We are left to answer one question: Why has the US chosen this course of action when it already faced the greatest financial challenge in 2008 since the Great Depression? These actions have inevitably led the US on the course of devaluation.

The truth is, the US has relied merely on debt as its means of productivity and growth! The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 was passed as a result of the combined factors of all the negative social patterns that we have covered thus far throughout our Meet the War Criminals series.

Now, let's take a look at the overall outcomes from our Big Picture view! Up to this point we have identified that the US is actively involved in crimes against humanity along a geographic pattern that includes N. America, S. America, S. Africa, and parts of Europe. These crimes against humanity involve sexual violence and the pursuit of same-sex marriage.

We have provided plenty of supporting evidence throughout this series such as identifying the most common signs of abuse and revealing the truth behind how the US economy is backing these crimes against humanity.

There are currently three scenarios of where this will all lead us. The third scenario is becoming more and more inevitable along with the first.

One scenario would be the establishment of a new gold-exchange Delhi Residence Only based global currency (Note: this scenario is the most feasible). Based on an expected need to restore confidence on a global basis, an approximated price of $20,000 per ounce of gold would seem appropriate to create a new gold-exchange based global currency Delhi Residence Only .

To some, this may appear to be a huge response to the changing value of the dollar; remember however, the change has already occurred as US commercial banks sit with over one trillion dollars in excess reserves collecting interest from the Federal Reserves. This has yet to be recognized by the markets, central banks or economists.

The second scenario involves the use of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)! In this scenario the IMF is positioned to perform the two key functions of a central bank - money creation and lender of last resort - using the SDR as its form of money under the direction of the G20 as its de facto board of governors. This would require an SDR bond market with public and private instruments and a network of primary dealers and derivatives must provide liquidity and leverage. More IOU's is obviously the wrong answer!

The third scenario is the most likely along with the first scenario, chaos... the US and the EU bond bubble pops! Everything that we've discussed in our Meet the War Criminals series will lead to a chaotic, catastrophic collapse of investor confidence resulting in emergency measures by governments to maintain some resemblance of a functioning system of money, trade, and investment.

Bond buying by the Fed at this point will be seen as adding fuel to fire because the Fed prints money when it buys bonds - exactly what the market was troubled with in the first place.

Moreover, the Fed has printed so much money and brought so many bonds before the panic that, for the first time, markets question the Fed's staying power.

For once, the selling power of the panic outweighs the buying power of the Fed. The dollar collapse continues and US interest rates spike higher. By the end of day one, the Fed will no longer be spraying water on the "US financial fire" - it will be spraying gasoline right around the completion of QE3.

We must realize now that everything we've discussed so far in our Meet the War Criminals series reflect the same US policy that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis and the first Cold War.

However, everyone pleased be advised about the one outcome that is becoming more and more inevitable... the emergence of Cold War 2.

This time however, the systematic debt by the US causing a FOREX bond bubble, the Global War on Terror, and plans of a European Missile Defense System all combined make the probability of these US led crimes against humanity ending with Cold War 2.

We will take an in depth look at the Global War on Terror, the European Missile Defense System, and the current Syrian Conflict in Part IV of Meet the War Criminals... "Time for War"!

Remember Yulia Tymoshenko is now in full recovery! It is apparent that all of her political and human rights abuses stem from a Europe that is infected with this US led crimes against humanity scheme.

It's even more evident because advanced economies such as the EU don't just allow a gas bill to go unpaid in the heart of the winter of 2009 and subsequently floats their currency beyond recovery!

We have just discussed how the US is driving the FOREX bond market for nothing more than gay and homosexual proliferation throughout an expanding European Union. This makes the debt crisis systematic. Debt fears from the US threatens to only usher more crimes against humanity in the form of sexual violence, same-sex laws and a US controlled missile defense system threat posing Russia. Let's await for the FOREX debt bubble to pop!

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